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Greetings From Effin' Birds: 100 Tear-Out Postcards

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Ever since Effin’ Birds first appeared on social media, fans have been clamouring for a way to deliver these lavishly illustrated profane messages in the real world. Today is the day that their prayers and DMs are answered: Greetings from Effin' Birds is a book of 100 tear-out postcards, featuring new birds and new jokes, plus 100 absolutely true* Bird Facts that will help you spot these fine avian creatures in your everyday life.
  • the bewildered gander wants to talk about how fucked everything is
  • the fretful scaup wants to know how long this bullshit is going to take
  • the rational sheldrake is losing its fucking mind over here 
. . . and 97 more!

*All 100 Bird Facts are completely untrue.